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Celebrating York’s Vibrant Restaurant and Food Scene

Celebrating York’s Vibrant Restaurant and Food Scene

York’s food and restaurant scene has undergone a real renaissance in recent years.  The awarding of the first Michelin star for the City, at the renowned Tommy Banks restaurant Roots on Marygate, raised the profile of the City across the UK, but this was just the most high-profile recognition, amongst a burgeoning and diverse hospitality offering.

Image Credit: Roots, York

Since 2016, Skosh on Micklegate has been earning rave reviews from both within the City and in national media, and this fantastic restaurant complements many other venues on the fabulous historic Georgian Street of Micklegate.

Image Credit: Skosh

These include Partisan (great for brunch), Rattle Owl (full of character and great food) and Delrio’s Italian restaurant, the other side of Micklegate Bar.

Image Credit: Partisan, York


For stunning setting and scenery, there is the long-term favourite of many people in York, The Star Inn the City, which has majestic views of both the River Ouse and the Museum Gardens (featuring a lot of squirrels!) and has been consistently excellent for nearly ten years, under Chef Andrew Pern.

Image Credit: The Star Inn The City, York

These are just a very few of the amazing place to choose from if you want a snack, meal or celebration in York – as a City, we are truly blessed to have many outstanding restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars that will satisfy any occasion, mood or desire.